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2017 Featured Presenters:

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Stuart Batty, Trent Bosch, Cynthia Carden Gibson, Kurt Hertzog, Eric Lofstrom, Jonathn Medina, Rick Orr, Carmen De La Paz, Curt Theobald, Tom Wirsing

more demonstrators are coming, please check back

Stuart Batty - Woodturning Fundamentals

Stuart Batty is a professional turner who began as an apprentice to his father Allen Batty in England. Stuart began turning at age 10 and by 16 was turning full-time as a spindle turner in his father’s studio. Stuart has demonstrated internationally and at numerous AAW chapters across the U.S.

Stuart is well known for his precision cuts. According to Stuart, the perfect cut is achieved with a tool ground at a 40 degree angle. Stuart has contributed greatly to the woodturning profession, trade, and craft through his demonstrations, teaching, and tool designs. He is religious about tool technique and mechanics, and is expert in his precise teaching methods. He is well known for “his thin walled exotics, square-edge bowls and goblets are signature pieces”.

Stuart believes we have only skimmed the surface of the potential of a wood lathe. With production woodturning as his background, his foundation in woodturning helped him perfect the push cut style and other useful techniques, such as negative rake scraping.

Bowl Turning with the 40/40 Grind & The Bottom Bowl Gouge

Stuart will turn a thin walled bowl using the 40/40 grind for the majority of the bowl, completing the last inside 1/3 with the bottom bowl gouge. The 40/40 bowl gouge has 40° bevel and 40° straight swept-back wings and is the most versatile tool you can own, capable of large volume cuts straight to a finished surface without torn grain and little physical effort.

Off Center Square/Winged Bowl Turning

In this demonstration Stuart will show how to create an off center square/winged bowl using the 40/40 bowl gouge and Negative Rake Scraping. The combination of these two types of techniques allows for a thin walled piece to be cut and finished without any torn grain or damaged edges.

Trent Bosch - Bosch Studios

Trent Bosch has been woodturning professionally for the past 18years. He began exploring the art of woodturning while pursuing a Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University. Since graduating, he has fully devoted his efforts into creating one of a kind sculptural woodturnings. He also has a love for teaching, sharing the knowledge and techniques he has developed freely with others. His work is displayed in numerous fine art galleries, the permanent collections of museums and craft centers as well as in many private collections worldwide. Trent has taught and demonstrated his techniques for turning and sculpting wood throughout the United States and abroad.

Kids Hands-on session

In this session, designed specifically for the young woodturner, we will turn a fun and simple project that will give woodturners of all levels confidence on the lathe.

Hollow Forms for everyone

In this rotation participants will turn a simple hollow form.

Cynthia Carden Gibson - Pyrography

Cynthia discovered pyrography in 2008 and, with study, has developed her own unique style of Pyro-engraving. Cynthia’s love for fashion and design proves the perfect inspiration for her work. She is in high demand as a teacher and her pyro-engraving techniques are taught to students from around the world. Her collaborative work has been published in many journals nationally and internationally. The artwork created by Cynthia Carden Gibson and her highly acclaimed collaborators has garnered the attention of collectors and has been included in corporate and private collections worldwide.

Embellish your world! Pyrography 101

Cynthia will share the basics of her style of Pyroengraving. Attendees will take away information on the wood choices best suited for pyrography, preparation of turnings, preferred tools, the use of those tools and finishing your work. You are sure to leave this demo armed with the tools needed to begin your journey into pyrography.

Inspiration and Embellishment

How do you come up with signature designs? What gives your work a unique quality or voice? In this slide show, Cynthia hopes to encourage self-discovery and show how a look inside can bring out unique qualities in your work as she tells her stories and those of others through her collaborative path in woodturning.

Translating embellishment to a 3D surface and adding color to your work

Cynthia will discuss and demonstrate her approach to implementing designs on a 3D surface, designing turnings for embellishment, choosing the best design for the shape of your artwork and adding color to your work.

Kurt Hertzog - kurthertzog.com

A professional woodturner, Kurt enjoys everything from making turning tools to photographing his finished turnings. He particularly enjoys teaching tool sharpening, workholding, and advanced penmaking.

Kurt wrote two regular columns for Woodturning Design magazine from 2008 until they ceased publication in 2014. His regular column in Woodturning magazine began in 2012 and continues today.

Kurt is past President of the American Association of Woodturners, one of the four Council Members of the Pen Makers Guild, and past Chairman of the Rochester Woodworkers Society. You can find out more about Kurt, his work, and past articles at: http://kurthertzog.com.

Penmaking - Ground to Advanced

For both the beginning to experience penmakers. We'll cover tips and tricks, tools and techniques, and fits and finishes. There is plenty for penmakers, new and advanced, along with the turners in general.

Penmaking - Going the extremes

We'll cover everything from making your own blanks, your own components, unique surface treatments, and some of the more exotic presentation ideas. Penmakers or not will get ideas to set their work apart from the masses.

Creating Ornaments

Make your ornaments stand out. We'll cover design, esthetics, creative turning and assembly techniques. If you already make ornaments, we'll give you new directions. If you don't turn ornaments, come and get inspired to expand your horizons.

Eric Lofstrom - Woodturning Artist

Elementary teacher by day, woodturning artist by night, Eric Lofstrom is a dynamic and passionate instructor. Conscious of the importance tool control plays in the process of creating, Eric’s unique expertise in biomechanics and understanding of tool design permeates his teaching with a constant focus on technique. As a seasoned teacher, Eric communicates complex concepts in easily understood language. He believes it is important to understand the “why” and “how” of technique, not just the “what”. Eric’s passion and exuberance will inspire your world of woodturning with confidence to develop your own artistic voice!

Skew Skills: Making The Cuts!

Description: During this demonstration, I will share how to "make the cuts" using only a skew! Learning this foundational tool will make cutting with ALL tools easier. In addition to reviewing basic spindle turning techniques, I will emphasize simple sharpening methods used to create a razor’s edge and key "dance moves" to help you finesse ultra-clean cuts with control! My demonstration will showcase a foundational progression of skew cuts and will end with my favorite skill-honing projects; eggs and my version of elegantly-embellished finger-tip spinning tops.

Square-Rimmed Bowls

Description: During this demonstration, I will create a bowl with an outward flowing rim using a square-cornered blank. My techniques will showcase the fingernail bowl gouge, negative-rake scraper, and methods of mounting a facegrain blank to the lathe for turning. I will emphasize tool control and efficient biomechanics to create a graceful form. I will demonstrate how to get an ultra clean cut from the tools and will complete the piece with simple, yet elegant embellishments!

Fitted-Lid Boxes: Finessing Form & Function!

Description: During this demonstration I will share the process I use to create functional and artistic fitted-lid boxes using small endgrain pieces of wood. In addition to demonstrating spindle and endgrain turning techniques using the skew, parting tool, fingernail grind bowl gouge and negative rake scraper, I plan to show the power of using jam chucking techniques. To complete the project, I will share the techniques I use to obtain a mesmerizing pneumatic "fitted-lid" and one of my favorite dynamic texturing techniques used to give each box a unique embellishment!

Rick Orr - Fishtail Fly Rod Tubes

Rick Orr is a member of AAW, a member of the RMWT (Rocky Mountain Woodturners), and past President of the FRW (Front Range Woodturners) based in Denver, CO. He is recognized for both his Rainsticks and his bamboo Fly Rod Tubes, demonstrating both of those items at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium. He has demonstrated for the RMWT (Loveland, CO), FRW (Denver, CO), Pueblo Woodturners (Pueblo, CO), and the Yellowstone Woodturners (Billings, MT). This will be Rick’s third visit as a demonstrator to the Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium. Rick is a retired Montana State University Chemical Engineer, having worked most of his adult career for General Electric. Rick resides in the Denver, CO metro area. He can be contacted at rickorr.1848@yahoo.com. Rick’s bamboo Fly Rod Tubes are featured at www.fishtailflyrodtubes.com.

Threaded Elk Antler and Corian Box

In this demo, Rick will turn a threaded box utilizing elk antler for the main body, with Corian pieces for the base and threaded lid. The threads will be made utilizing a “threading jig” and will NOT be hand chased. Rick will walk you through the use of the threading jig for both male and female threads. In this demo, the female threads will be made in the elk antler and the male threads in the Corian lid.

While this demo is geared towards the use of a mechanical threading jig, it will also implore the use of basic jam chucks plus threaded jam chucks.

A quick review will be made of elk antler as a turning media, the choice of antler pieces, where to get the antler, and it’s relative price. Rick will also cover the use of Corian as a turning media, it’s preparation, glue up, and acquisition. Finish techniques are simply sanding up to 12000 grit using Micro-Mesh products for all the pieces, with no other finish applied.

The demo is geared towards the beginner to intermediate turning audience, but will provide some useful information to all.

Curt Theobald - Artist & Instructor

Curt Theobald, an artist based in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, has been a full-time studio woodturner since 2002. His background as a cabinetmaker and his knowledge of wood movement and precise joinery are apparent in his work and his teaching. Much of Curt’s work is directly related to his life experiences as a stay-at-home dad, interactions with his daughters, life’s challenges, and daily events. His work resides in public and private collections worldwide including the Honolulu Museum of Art, the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum of Myrtle Beach, The Peabody Essex Museum, the American Association of Woodturners, and Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

Segmenting: Where do you start?

There is more to segmented turning than gluing pieces of wood together and then going to the lathe to turn a segmented bowl. This demonstration, geared to all skill levels, will help you learn where to begin or how to refine your current skills. We will discuss wood choices, wood movement, planning, design considerations and material preparation to help you better understand how to create successful segmented projects.

Segmented Bowl Construction

Don’t let the apparent complexity of a segmented pattern intimidate you. By participating in this presentation and watching the methods conveyed, attendees will learn how to accurately plan their own projects and begin to foresee any potential problems before any wood is cut. I will show how to create patterns that can be used to enhance segmented woodturnings. Many methods will be shared to help attendees more easily and accurately perform segmented pattern glue-ups in their own workshop, in addition to learning multiple timesaving techniques.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Sometimes it can be difficult to make segmented turnings that stand out from other segmented works. This session, which is beneficial to both segmented and non-segmented turners, will challenge attendees to think differently about the creation of their work. We will take a step-by-step look at a sculptural piece I created and discuss the steps I pursued to make my vision a reality. Some of the topics presented will be inspiration, evolution of design, problem solving, prototyping, and creation of the piece.

Open Segmented Turning

Open segmented turning is gluing multiple pieces of wood together, leaving gaps between each segment to create interesting effects, designs and illusions that highlight qualities of a variety of woods. In this demonstration, attendees will learn technique and theory, explore design concepts, and have a have a better understanding of the adventure known as open segmented turning.

Segmenting Stone

In this presentation we will discuss the techniques necessary to successfully glue and turn stone. There is an endless variety of stone that can be used to create interesting segmented turnings. We will discuss techniques necessary to work with Alabaster, Soapstone, Pyrophyllite, and Calcite. Come to this session to learn where to begin.

Pushing Your Work to the Next Level

This power point presentation will show fifteen years of my segmented works. I will critique my segmented works and explain positive and negative aspects of each piece. We will discuss the thought process of how to make your work more creative and push your skills to the next level. Attendees will be challenged to improve their own turnings through the process of seeing how my work has evolved with each successive piece in a series and as an overall body of turnings.

Tom Wirsing - Thomas Wirsing Woodturning

Tom Wirsing was born in Roanoke, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley, an historic center of American woodturning.

Tom began turning wood as a young boy. After graduating from Roanoke College with a degree in Physics, Tom began traveling extensively. He lived in Europe, Asia, and 9 US States. The lathe in his dad’s workshop became distant memory.

About 20 years ago Tom found himself working for the Hewlett-Packard Company in Chicago, and living in a house with a spacious basement. He bought a lathe, and began turning wood again. At first he made mostly furniture, but almost by chance, he attended a demonstration by Richard Raffan, a very well-known Australian woodturner, who specializes in turning beautiful wooden bowls. Richard took a rough piece of American black cherry timber and turned it into a wonderful bowl. Tom was hooked.

Thus began Tom’s interest in creating art pieces on the lathe. He now turns primarily bowls and platters from a variety of woods. His favorite is figured maple.

Tom is a member of the American Association of Woodturners. Tom has served as two-term president of the Denver chapter of the AAW, and has served two terms as president of the AAW.

Tom resides with his wife Melinda on a small ranch in north Boulder County, Colorado where he grazes Angus cattle and turns wood in his studio overlooking the Colorado Front Range.